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Students from Vlasenica awarded by the Embassy of Czech

Clara von Krigsheim Kadlecova, deputy ambassador of the Czech Republic to BiH, visited the Vuk Karadzic Primary School in Vlasenica in order to present diplomas and occasional gifts to Sergej Djuric and Srdjan Plakalovic, students whose works were awarded at the International Art Competition Lidica 2017. In conversation with the director of the school, Dankom Kezunović, deputy ambassador, expressed satisfaction with the fact that the owners of primary schools regularly participate in this traditional competition.

Kadlec said that more than 25,000 children’s artworks from 83 countries have been submitted to this competition last year.

“These students made beautiful artwork for which they were rewarded. This is a significant success for proprietors, “said Kadlec.

Sergej Djuric and Srdjan Plakalovic received awards for participation in the competition as members of the art section of the Vuk Karadzic Elementary School.

Teacher Njegoš Arnaut emphasized that the art section gathers about twenty students and that the owners of primary schools receive awards from around the world for years.

Arnaut explained that the competition was organized by the Lidice Memorial, with the support of the Czech Republic, in memory of the children from the Czech village of Lidica, who were killed by the Nazis in 1942 and the children of the entire world who were victims of war.

“We learned that only two of our students from all over BiH received these awards, which is a great motive for further work,” Arnaut said.

Director of the school, Danka Kezunovic, said that this institution, because of the problems with the roof of a school building that destroyed the hurricane and harsh conditions for extracurricular activities, will not have representatives in this International Competition in 2018.