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Help to repair damage caused by weather

The Red Cross of Republika Srpska donated tile today to seven households whose residential buildings suffered significant damage during the storm in December last year.

The Secretary General of the Red Cross of the Republic of Srpska, Đoko Mahajlović, said that this was the first donation of 8,000 tiles that was sent to Vlasenica for families whose homes were left without roof and who were not able to fund the repair of damages. Mihajlovic said that the Red Cross of the Republic of Srpska was involved in the help of the population of this municipality, and that, in cooperation with the Red Cross Society of BiH, a certain amount of construction material was provided – tiles, for households whose housing facilities suffered great damage.

“We are here to donate and appeal to those who can help,” Mihajlovic said.
The Mayor of Vlasenica Miroslav Kraljević said that 300 residential, public and commercial buildings in the Vlasenica area were damaged in bad weather.

“The total damage is estimated at one million KM and this municipality can not provide such funds themselves,” Kraljević said and invited people of good will to help Vlasenica citizens in remedying the damage.

Desimir Mirković, whose wind blew a roof on a family home, says this help is helpful and that he is missing more materials to enable his house to live a normal life.

We recall, a strong storm wind, which in December 2017 affected Vlasenica municipality, caused enormous material damage to housing, public and other institutions, and infrastructure.