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Soon start project of building 20 apartments

Mayor of Vlasenica Miroslav Kraljević held a meeting today with representatives of the Ministry of Refugees and Displaced Persons of Republika Srpska and Banja Luka Construction Company “Tekton”, which discussed the construction of a residential building with 20 apartments with a total value of 1,014,000 KM. The dwellings are intended for the accommodation of refugees and internally displaced persons in the area of ​​this municipality.

Vlasenica is one of nine municipalities and cities in the Republic of Srpska in which a total of 284 apartments for this purpose will be built within the Subproject of the BH3 Regional Housing Program, and funds were provided by the Ministry for Refugees and Displaced Persons of Republika Srpska.

Vlasenica Mayor Miroslav Kraljević said that the municipality’s participation in this project, with the provided location and necessary documentation, is the solution of communal infrastructure, access roads, electricity supply.

Head Kraljević emphasized that this is a major step in resolving the issue of housing care for refugees and displaced persons, adding that there are currently 470 families in the municipality of Vlasenica in the category of displaced, internally displaced persons and returnees who need to resolve the housing issue.

After the meeting, representatives of the line ministry and “Tekton”, together with the management of the municipality, visited the site planned for the construction of the facility in the ownership center of Toplik.

Works on the construction of the facility, which according to the contract will last 333 days, the company “Tekton” from Banja Luka will begin in the following days, as soon as the weather conditions permit.