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About the Assembly

The Municipal Assembly, as a decision-making and policy maker, is made up of councilors elected in direct, democratic and multi-party elections for a period of 4 years.

The Assembly of the Municipality of Vlasenica has 19 councilors.

Jurisdiction of the Municipal Assembly:

– passes the Statute of the Municipality,
– passes decisions and other general acts and offers their authentic interpretation,
– adopts the budget and the final budget,
– adopts an economic plan, a development plan and investment programs,
– brings development, spatial and urban plans and programs,
– adopts a program for the regulation of construction land,
– adopts the implementation plans,
– makes decisions and other general acts on the performance of functions in the field of culture, education, sports, health, social protection, information, crafts, tourism, catering and environmental protection,
– makes decisions on communal taxes and other public revenues, when it is regulated by law,
– makes decisions and other general acts in the field of civil protection in accordance with the law and takes on measures for operating of the civil protection,
– makes decisions on the acquisition, management and disposal of the property of the Municipality,
– makes a decision on determining the name of streets, squares, and parts of settlements,
– decides on the proclamation of the Municipality’s holiday,
– makes a decision on the use of the symbol of the Municipality,
– makes a decision on the membership of the Municipality in the Association of Municipalities and Cities and about joining other associations and organizations,
– adopts a plan for the use of public spaces,
– makes a decision on proclamation of honorary citizens and regulates the rights and obligations from this decision,
– makes a decision on awards and acknowledgments,
– elects and dismisses the President of the Municipal Assembly, the Vice-President of the Municipal Assembly, the Deputy Mayor, the Secretary of the Municipal Assembly, the members of the permanent and occasional working bodies of the Municipal Assembly, and the heads of the departments of the Administrative Service of the Municipality,
– educated a professional service for the needs of the Assembly and its working bodies,
– decide on the Municipal debt,
– adopts the Rules of Procedure,
– examines the annual report on the work of the Mayor and takes an opinion on it,
– decides to initiate an initiative for recalling the Mayor in accordance with the law governing the election of the Mayor,
– establishes enterprises and institutions of communal and other activities for carrying out affairs of interest for the municipality and manages it in accordance with the Law,
– announces a public loan and self-contribution,
– announces a referendum,
– gives an opinion on the methodology for determining the fee for the performance of entrusted tasks,
– makes decisions on the education of local communities in the territory of the Municipality,
– gives opinion on changing the boundaries of the Municipality,
– reviews the statements on the work of the bodies, organizations and communities in the Municipal area,
– Adopts the Code of Conduct of Municipal Assembly Members and
– performs other duties in accordance with the law.