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A session of the Chamber of Commerce was held

Today, the sixth session of the Economic Council of this municipality was held, where members of the Council were introduced to the formation of the Development Department of the Municipal Administration. The Mayor Miroslav Kraljević, who is also the President of the Council, pointed out that the Development Department was formed as the driver of all activities aimed at preparing, ...

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Soon start project of building 20 apartments

Mayor of Vlasenica Miroslav Kraljević held a meeting today with representatives of the Ministry of Refugees and Displaced Persons of Republika Srpska and Banja Luka Construction Company “Tekton”, which discussed the construction of a residential building with 20 apartments with a total value of 1,014,000 KM. The dwellings are intended for the accommodation of refugees and internally displaced persons in ...

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From now on, a one-stop system of issuing a certificate of house number in the Municipality of Vlasenica

With the aim of simplifying and improving administrative procedures, from now on, a single-entry system for issuing certificates of home number has been introduced in the Municipal Administration of the Municipality of Vlasenica. In just a few minutes from the moment of submitting a request, the party will receive the certificates, and in one place all necessary information will be ...

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Officials from the municipalities of Vlasenica, Milici and Srebrenica talked with the Indian ambassador

Ambassador of India to BiH Raul Chabra and Deputy Ambassador of Austria to BiH Volfgang Til visited the municipality of Milici last weekend, where they talked with the officials of the municipalities of Milici, Vlasenica and Srebrenica, as well as the deputy from Milic Radovan Viskovic. Radovan Viskovic, MP in the Republika Srpska Parliament, said that the Indian ambassador had ...

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