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JU “KulturniCentar”Vlasenica – Public institution “Cultural Center” Vlasenica
Telephone: 065/687-296
Svetosavska 99, 75440 Vlasenica

Public institution Cultural Center Vlasenica was established in 2016 and currently has three employees. The period from November 2016 to the present is marked by the extraordinary enthusiasm of a small number of employees, who through their engagement manage to provide and organize program activities. Part of the Cultural Center is the info portal „Vlasenica 24“, which represents a type of informative guide through the current events in the municipality of Vlasenica. The building has a large cinema hall with 365 seats, as well as smaller halls where a range of cultural content is implemented, including seminars, promotions, workshops and the like. Public Institution Cultural Center Vlasenica actively participates in the efforts of the social community for the quality organization of the free time for children, youth and citizens, in close cooperation with other socio-political institutions, schools, kindergartens, non-governmental and humanitarian organizations, media, providing the possibility of creative artistic work. The founder of the institution is the Municipality of Vlasenica.

JU “Narordna biblioteka”Vlasenica – Public Institution “National Library” Vlasenica 
Telephone: 056/733-248
Svetosavska99, 75440 Vlasenica
Working hours: 8:00 – 17:00 hours

Public institution „Narodna biblioteka“ Vlasenica, located in the premises of the Cultural Center, as an institution of special interest for the municipality of Vlasenica, was founded in 1959. Through its phases of existence it passed through various organizational forms and names. Today, this institution has six employees and has a rich book fund, which is renewed each year, including rare domestic and foreign titles as well as school reading and current literary works. Kind staff helps book lovers in choosing titles and through various activities strives to contribute to the increase of the membership. The Municipality of Vlasenica invests significant funds for the renewal of the library fund and the purchase of the modern equipment for the needs of this institution. The library is an open source, book fundis available to readers, and the reading room provides a very pleasant ambience, suitable for the organization of literary evenings and other events, both for children and adults.

SPKD „Prosvjeta“ – Serbian educational and cultural society “Prosvjeta”

Serbian educational and cultural society „Prosvjeta“, aware of the importance of culture and tradition in the life of the people in this region, initiated cultural life and became its main pillar. The initiators, organizers and executors of the largest number of cultural events, promoters of our city, have prepared and gave dozens of events of serious, appropriate and entertaining content. A folklore group operates under the auspices of „Prosvjeta“. Folklore members are regular participants of the RS folklore and youth folk festival, from which they return with the awards for the best performers, best choreography certificates, winner’s cup and occasional special award by the expert jury. They participate quite prominently in folklore in Serbia, as well as abroad.

There are nine sports clubs and a mountaineering club operating in Vlasenica municipality, which exist and work for the purpose of sports and competitive spirit. In this time of the economic crisis, the loss of healthy standards of life and dangerous vices, to do sports is the only way to get the youth off the street and give it the ability of the healthy reasoning, working habits and accountability in order to get ready for temptations and obligations of life. It is precisely for these reasons that the Municipality, in accordance with its capabilities, gives great support to sports clubs and their activities. The number of 600 to 700 members in sports clubs from the Vlasenica area is not insignificant, and the clubs are:

Football club “Vlasenica”, Basketball club „10. August“,Bicycle club “KPL” Vlasenica, Athletic club „Vlasenica“, Judo club „Vlasenica“, Karate club “Mladost”, Taekwondo club “Specijalac”, Ski club “Igrišta”, Volleyball club “NET” Vlasenica, Mountaineering – ecological society “Acer”.

In the elementary school „VukKaradžić“ there are four sports sections: basketball, athletic section, football, and handball.

Municipality of Vlasenica has the following sports grounds available:
– a football stadium with an athletic track, auxiliary field and a basketball court,
– a gym in the SŠC „MiloradVlačić“ with a basketball and volleyball court, and a field (in the yard) for handball and futsal,
– sports courts at the regional schools in Cikotska Rijeka, Mišari and GornjiZalukovik,
– sports court in DonjiZalukovik,
– ski center „Igrišta“ with three slopes (two competitive and one recreational) and „Javor“ field on which training of skiers is carried out (in the center there are SKI lifts – one large and two small ones),

Functioning sports courts are available to the athletes of Vlasenica and to the municipal visitors.