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Current projects

Project „Life“

Municipality of Vlasenica and the World Bank Group work together on the regulatory reform of the administrative procedures within the competence of the Municipality, attracting investors and creating favorableconditions for investment, as a part of the “Life” project. Within the framework of this project, meetings of representatives of the World Bank Group and members of the Municipal Working Group were held, where the recommendations for simplifying the administrative procedures, presented by representatives of the World Bank Group, were discussed after the legal analysis was conducted. The adopted recommendations are defined by the internal act of the Mayor. Also, by establishing an electronic register, through this project it will be possible to increase transparency, forcasting and reliability of the procedures and information, and improvementof municipal services and increase of efficiency. The project is financed by Vlasenica Municipality, the World Bank Group/International Finance Corporation and the British Embassy in BiH.

EU flood recovery program

On 15 August the European Union launched the EU Floods Recovery Programme for Bosnia and Herzegovina worth 43.52 million EUR, out of which the EU’s contribution is 42.24 million EUR, while UNDP participates with 1.28 million EUR. The Programme consists of different components all of which aim to assist with the normalization of peoples’ lives in flood-affected areas and communities in 24 most-affected municipalities. The activities focus on the immediate restoration of vital public sector infrastructure and reinstatement of key public services, the emergency reconstruction of private dwellings for the most vulnerable and marginalized people, the revitalization of local economy and agriculture production and rehabilitation of communal infrastructure in selected municipalities.

Supporting SMEs to create new jobs in the processing industry or agriculture

The United Nations Development Program UNDP and the Municipality of Vlasenica, within the framework of this project, award grants to economic entities (companies) registered or operating in the territory of the Municipality of Vlasenica, in order to support job creation and inclusive employment policies.

Paving the road section towards Cikotska Rijeka

As part of the project „Rehabilitation and paving of the road section of the Vlasenica-Cikotska Rijeka road, part of the road was paved, in the length of 1,500 meters, as investors – the Municipality and competent ministries for refugees and displaced persons of Republic ofSrpska and Federation of BiH, invested around 190,000 BAM, which enabled a better life for the inhabitants of this area who are of different nationalities.

Project in the area of traffic safety

The Municipality of Vlasenica signed the Contract on co-financing the project in the area of traffic safety with the representatives of the Agency for Safety of Transport of Republic of Srpska. (5,000 BAM Agency/5,000 BAM Municipality). The project documentation for horizontal and vertical signalization in the municipality of Vlasenica is in preparation phase. In this area, there is a quite unregulated situation, and this represents a systematic approach to addressing traffic safety problems in the Municipality of Vlasenica. This project will contribute to increasing the traffic safety.

Recycling center construction project

The feasibility study for the construction of Recyclingcenter in Vlasenica is under preparation, which is mainly co-financed by the Environmental Protection Fund, and within this project, procurement of large 5 m3 containers will be carried out.

Guarantee fund of Republic of Srpska

The Mayor of Vlasenica signed a Protocol on Cooperation with the Guarantee Fund of Republic of Srpska, which, among other things, refers to the improvement of the industrial, agricultural production, development of tourism, small and medium-sized enterprises. With the protocol, this financial institution, which has access to financial resources of the banks and other financial institutions in the Republic of Srpska, has committed itself to supporting development programs of the Municipality of Vlasenica.

Establishment of an Address Register

The Municipality of Vlasenica signed an agreement on the establishment of an Address Register in the area of the municipality with the Administration for Geodetic and Property Affairs of the Republic of Srpska. An Address Register represents the records of all the streets and house numbers of residential and commercial buildings in the area of the local community, a database that is essential in the modern age.

Projects in the field of agriculture

– German NGO „Help“ and Municipality ofVlasenica, within the project “Sustainable job creation through targeted support in agricultural sector” supported 30 beneficiaries/agricultural producers with awarding of the equipment. The total value of the project is 100,000 BAM.

– Within the project „Improvement of raspberry production at the territory of the municipality of Vlasenica“, raspberry production equipment was distributed to agricultural producers: 15 motor-hoes, 15 sprayers for treatment of raspberries, 15 nets for anti-hail protection and 15 complete irrigation systems. The value of about 45,000 BAM was co-financed by USAID, the Government of Sweden and the Municipality of Vlasenica.

– Through the project „Experimental field“ a number of activities have been implemented aimed at contributing to rural development and employment through targeted assistance to fruit and vegetable production in Vlasenica.

In a greenhouse of 500 m2 surface, with automatic regulation of the microclimate conditions, 3000 pepper seedlings were planted and an irrigation system was installed. Previously, two greenhouses, 50 and 100 m2, were installed, and in late March an orchard with a modern fruit growing system of 0,8 ha was planted, for which the irrigation system was also provided. Existing and potential fruit vegetable growers from the region of Birač, as well as pupils and students, will have an opportunity for education and improvement in the experimental field. The project is funded by CARE International, UNDP and Vlasenica Municipality.