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Department of Economy, Social Affairs and Inspection Affairs

Head of the department: Mirza Saračević
Telephone: 056/490 – 087
Fax: 056/734-830
Email: vlservis@teol.net

Department of Economy, Social Affairs and Inspection Affairs ensures the execution of laws, other regulations and general acts in the field of economy and social activities: catering, crafts and trade, tourism, transport and communications, statistics, agriculture, water management, forestry, preschool and primary education, health, culture, physical culture and sports, social and humanitarian activities, non-governmental sector, youth, etc.; inspection tasks related to supervision of the performance of tasks and implementation of regulations in the field of:
• trade in goods and services,
• agriculture, plant protection and freshwater fishery,
• water, animal health and veterinary activities,
• health and sanitation supervision.

The Department prepares, for the Municipal Assembly and the Mayor of the Municipality, plans of development, drafts and proposals of decisions, other regulations, general and individual acts, inspects the legality of the work of legal entities in accordance with the law, performs investment and development tasks, performs administrative, professional, administrative and other tasks from its area, monitors and proposes measures in the area of ​​improvement of the work of enterprises and institutions of importance for the municipality, participates in the planning of public procurement from the scope of the department and performs other tasks that are entrusted to it by Municipal Assembly and the Mayor all according to the law.