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Development department

Head of the department: Željko Damljanović
Phone: 056/490-088
Fax: 056/734-830
E-mail: zeljkod@opstina-vlasenica.org

Within its competence, the Development Department, within its competence, carries out tasks related to the management of the development of the Municipality of Vlasenica, including all segments of sustainable development, organizes and guides the process of strategic planning, through the establishment and training of planning structures, including the mobilization of all structures within the Municipal Administration, actors, promote dialogue among local actors, establish partnerships and maintain regular communication and coordination between departments and services within the municipal administration and relevant actors (private sector, business chamber associations, international organizations, academic institutions, etc.).

The Department collects data of importance for local development from various sources, proposes measures for improvement of the implementation process of the Development Strategy, submits initiatives to the bodies of the Municipal Administration for the development and implementation projects in the domain of local economic and social development, as well as environmental projects, monitors available funding sources, identifies projects, coordinates expert project development and prepares forms for applying to domestic and international funding sources, provides expert and technical support to other departments in the process of preparation, running and monitoring the implementation of projects of importance for the economic, social, cultural development of the municipality and environmental protection, and proposes measures for improving the area of Vlasenica Municipality as a favorable business environment and a favorable location for investment.