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Health and Social Welfare

Public health institution „Health Center” Vlasenica
Srspkih ranjenika 10, 75400 Vlasenica
Tel: 056/733-468
Email: domzdravlja0@gmail.com


Public health institution „Dom zdravlja”Vlasenica provides health services in the area of primary health care to the citizens of the Municipality of Vlasenica within the scope of the following activities:

– Family medicine,
– Laboratory diagnostics of the primary level,
– Radiology,
– Hygienic-epidemiological protection,
– Dental protection,
– Emergency medical assistance with patient transportation,
– Protection of mental health
– Physical rehabilitation
– Consultative Council for Communities – pediatrics and
– Consultative Council for Communities – gynecology.

Organizational units are the following services and centers:

– Family Medicine Service,
– Consultancy and specialist service,
– Hygienic-epidemiological service,
– Laboratory Diagnostics Service and
– Dental service
– Physical rehabilitation
– Center for Mental Health.

There are 5 teams of family medicine and ambulance in the municipality.


Public Institution Center for Social Work Vlasenica
Svetosavska 84, 75440 Vlasenica
Tel: 056/710-340
Еmail: centarvlasenica@yahoo.com

Center for Social Work Vlasenica is a public institution organized as a social welfareinstitution established by the Municipal Assembly of Vlasenica by Decision no. 01-012-267/94 of 05.10.1994, which is harmonized with the Law on the Public Service System by the Municipal Assembly Decision no.: 01-022-109/08 of 03.06.2008 and with the Law on Classification of Activities, the Register of Business Entities by Activities in the Republic of Srpska, Decision of the Municipal Assembly of Vlasenica no. 01-022-63/11 dated 06.07.2011.

The aforementioned institution was established with the aim of performing services and activities of special social interest aimed at ensuring the social security of people and eliminating the consequences of the state of social needs in all areas of life and work, as well as providing social services to people in the state of social needs at the territory of the municipality of Vlasenica.

The basic function of the Center is reflected in the activities defined by the Statute and the Law on Social Welfare and refers to performing professional tasks in the implementation of the social protection and social work, family and child protection.

The activity of social protection includes measures and activities for creating the conditions for the realization of the protective function of the family, the conditions for independent living and work of persons in the state of the social needs or for the activation in accordance with the abilities, providing life insurance for the materially uninsured and for the work of disabled persons and other citizens in the state of social need, as well as providing other forms of social protection.