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The Mayor

The Mayor: Miroslav Kraljević
Tel: 056/490–072
Еmail: info@opstinavlasenica.org

Head of the Mayor’s Cabinet: DanijelaVuković
Tel: 056/490–084
Fax: 056/734-830
Email: danijelav@opstina-vlasenica.org

The Mayor proposes the Statute of the Municipality; proposes decisions and other general acts to the Assembly; drafts and submits to the Assembly the annual budget, annual balance sheet, economic plan, development plan, investment program, spatial and urban plan and other planning and regulatory documents relating to land use and management, including the use of public land; Informs the Assembly on all issues within the competence of the municipality, its rights and obligations; carries out local policy in accordance with the decisions of the Assembly, executes the local budget and ensures the implementation of decisions and other acts of the Assembly, enforces laws and other regulations of the Republic and the city whose execution is entrusted to the municipality, decides on the establishment of the Municipal Administration; passes the Regulations on the organization and systematization of the work of the municipal administration; adopts the civil protection plan of the municipality and ensures its realization, realizes the cooperation of the municipality with other municipalities, cities, international and other organizations, in accordance with the decisions and conclusions of the municipal assembly and its respective working bodies, approves the statutes and other general acts of companies and institutions whose founder is the Municipality; submits a report to the Assembly on work in the bodies of enterprises that perform utility activities; submits a report to the Assembly on his/her work and work of the Municipal Administration; initiates to suspend the execution of the municipal assembly’s regulations, a general or individual act, until the decision of the competent court, if he/she considers that it is contrary to the Constitution and the law; concludes contracts on behalf of the Municipality, in accordance with the acts of the Municipal Assembly; decides in the second instance upon an appeal to the first instance decisions of the Municipal Administration, if the authorities are not competent bodies of the republic; he/she is responsible for the legality of all acts proposed to the municipal assembly; makes decisions on disposing of funds in the manner defined by the Statute and performs other tasks determined by law and the Statute of the municipality.