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Utility companies

“Vodovod i kanalizacija” AD – Water supply and sewerage system
Svetosavska 100, 75440 Vlasenica

Telephone: +387 56 733 204
E-mail: vodovod.vlasenica@gmail.com
Business ID: 4401445100004

Main activity: Water collecting, water purification and water supply

“Čistoća” AD – Waste management company
Svetosavska100, 75440 Vlasenica

Telephone: 056/733-460
E-mail: kpcistocaad.vlasenica@yahoo.com
Business ID: 4400276880007

Main activity: Collecting and removal of non-hazardous waste

Plans and reports of the utility companies (link will be soon)

Prices of the utility services (link will be soon)